Lifeguard Management

We have a staff that is highly experienced in all aspects of commercial pool management.
We look forward to providing you and your community with the most complete and competitive contract proposal available. A staff that is experienced, friendly and genuinely cares about your community. Your community deserves a great and safe season.  Our staff of lifeguards, pool cleaners, and supervisors will make sure that your season will succeed and surpass your expectations.  We have worked diligently to prepare for the upcoming season and feel confident that you will be able to enjoy our staff and your pool.





Premier Pool services offers a unique experience for trustworthy individules from near and far. We take pride in our work and operate as a family. We do our best to provide an optimal work experience for each and every team member. We aid in transportation as well as limited housing. If you are looking for dependable employment in the Delmarva area, contact Premier Pool Services for more information.